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Sincere E-cig Reviews is a blog that was started with a few goals in mind. The first of these was to provide the readers and visitors with objective information on electronic cigarettes, what they are, what to expect from them and so on. Our second goal was to spend a year and a half reviewing all kinds of different brands that you can buy today, including some no-name ones and almost all of the leading brands on the US market. We have our top three choices here and we will give you first-hand short reviews from our writers who actually tried them out.

south-beach-smoke-1#1 – South Beach Smoke

My job was to review South Beach Smoke e-cigs and I was a bit apprehensive at start. The website seemed to be too cool and hip for me (I am in my late 30s) and I thought that this would be one of those brands that cater solely for the young who want pomp and pizzazz and who are not interested in quality. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, they are in tune with the latest in web design and marketing, but they also make the finest e-cigs I have ever tried. Their e-cigs are heavier than usually, denoting great materials, the batteries last for days and the choice of flavors (and everything else as well) is just mind-bending.

eversmoke-2#2 – EverSmoke

I got the assignment of reviewing one of the more popular brands of e-cigarettes in the US. I have to say I was not disappointed. I was looking for the whole experience and boy did I get it! The cigarettes were everything I thought they would be, sturdy, you could feel the quality. The vapor that I got from my EverSmoke e-cigs is the best I have ever tasted, hands down. Also, I love that they are partners with VaporZone now, which means that I was able to get any of those thousands of flavors of e-liquids that they have.

v2-cigs-2#3 V2 Cigs

I have been a smoker for decades and I still smoke regular cigarettes. I guess that is why they gave me the assignment of checking out the V2 Cigs, the brand they say is for the real smokers. They sure are. I noticed that they do not go overboard with their flavors. I tried out all of their tobacco flavors and they were all great. I particularly liked their Sahara Turkish one; it was just what the doctor ordered, so to say. Also, the vapor, man, it was just insane. It was like that perfect cigarette you have after a spicy meal or something. Just great.

SOUTH BEACH SMOKE 99/100 99/100 99/100 95/100 #1
EVERSMOKE 96/100 95/100 98/100 94/100 #2
V2 CIGS 98/100 91/100 87/100 91/100 #3


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